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We Help Families Flourish with Parent Consultations

How can we support and accept our children while also encouraging healthy growth and development? Thousands of books exist to guide parents, but finding which tools and techniques work for your child’s specific needs can feel overwhelming. I work with parents on increasing understanding and tools for the child’s unique emotional and behavioral needs through parent consultation. We begin by discussing your goals for the child as well as your relationship with them. Our collaboration then focuses on exploring tools that incorporate a balance of empathy, communication, and ways of providing structure. Then the parent can feel empowered, confident, and at peace while interacting with the child. Additionally, I provide parents with information about child development, communication skills your child will understand, and evidence-based parenting.

“The words of affirmation from parents act like light switches. When you speak a word of affirmation at just the right time in a child's life, it is like lighting up a whole room of possibilities.” — Gary Smalley, Family Therapist

How does a Parent Consultation support the child's therapy?

Healthy child development is strongly influenced by the parents. When parents are an active part of the therapy process, the child is more likely to progress faster. Parent consultations at Flourishing Families Counseling are tailored to each family’s particular needs. The primary goal of parent consultations is to improve the relationship dynamic between the parent and child and to give parents tools to help with the child’s behavioral, emotional, or social difficulties. The therapist will work with the child in sessions to discover which tools work best, and then teach these tools to the parents. It’s important to us that the parent feels included, equipped, and empowered in the counseling process.

Regular parent consultations can help parents play an active role in their child’s healthy development. Below are examples of specific skills and strategies we provide to parents:

  • Find the right balance in parenting methods for couples with significantly different styles.
  • Provide divorced parents techniques to create consistency between houses
  • Assist the child with adjusting to having new family members (e.g. birth of new sibling or adoption)
  • Implement structure at home
  • Identify effective and respectful consequences for the child
  • Develop tools for bedtime or homework routines
  • And much more!

We partner with parents to empower them with positive parenting skills that will benefit the child. Our goal is to bring the family closer together!


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