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We Help Teens Flourish - Teen Therapist in Del Mar, CA

If you are a teen or parent, you know the stress that teens face today – often overbooked, striving for perfection, and in the spotlight on social media. Mary Puntenney Mou is tuned in to the unique strengths and challenges faced by today’s youth and can help with your teen’s mental and emotional goals. Whether it’s treating depression and anxiety, navigating cyber-bullying or peer relationships, substance use, adjusting to changes in the world, or needing a safe and supportive space to process emotions for LGBT+ youth, our counseling sessions are designed to help teens flourish.

While it’s true that teens typically experience mood swings and difficulties along the way, therapy can help prevent unhealthy habits from forming and protect their mental health.

What’s a teen counseling session like?

We strive to help parents and teens connect! Counseling sessions are individualized to create a supportive space where teens feel safe to explore their inner world. Parents are included in ways the teen feels comfortable to help strengthen supportive family relationships. Together we develop skills that help your teen feel happy, healthy, and resilient. Our goal is that these skills will help your teen flourish beyond sessions with Flourishing Families Counseling.


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