Our Counseling Services

Mary specializes in Child Centered Play Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, adapting the techniques according to the preferences of each individual client. Helping them identify and process emotions in a healthy way, find coping skills, and improve their problem-solving capabilities. Mary helps children and teens develop skills that will enable them to flourish throughout their youth and beyond.

Flourishing Families Counseling provides counseling services to children and teens with behavioral and emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma, aggression and irritability, parent-child attachment, life adjustments, blended-family dynamics, and difficulty with socialization or peers. 

Kids coloring watercolors play therapy

Child Counseling

Every child manages tough emotions differently. With Child Centered Play Therapy, Mary uses toys, art, and many other kid-friendly mediums to help children process inner experiences and emotions through the child’s natural language – play!

Teenage boy in counseling session

Teen Counseling

Concerned about your teen’s mental health? Give us a call! We provide counseling to help youth address various challenges, both internal and external. With the right approach every adolescent’s future can be bright.

Parent Consultation Session

Parent Consultations

We help you to better understand how your child or adolescent is doing in counseling. Parent consultations provide parents with the tools they need for discussing difficult topics with their kids. I look forward getting to know you and your family better.


Find hope from working together.